Vinnken Singapore Kitchen and Bathroom Accessories
Vinnken Singapore Kitchen and Bathroom Accessories

At Vinnken, you are sure to find our Singapore Kitchen & Bathroom accessories or something you are proud to give and will let the person receiving it know how important they are. We have gift ideas for almost everyone.

Singapore Kitchen & Bathroom Accessories

Selecting just the right gift can be difficult, so we have chosen some of our favourites to help inspire you. Our buyers shop the world and find options for you to choose from that will really set your present apart.

Accessories by Price

If you are in a hurry and know about how much you want to spend within a budget, looking through our gifts by price can be a real time saver. We have conveniently pulled together items from our various departments into popular price tiers to make gift shopping by price a little easier. If you are looking to spend less than $10, we have a variety of options to choose from. Looking to spend less than $25? You’ll discover fun gifts you’ll be proud to give. We also have selected gifts for more than $100 when you need to make a grand gesture, commemorate a big life event or are buying something extra special.